The Argus coastal imaging system was developed by Professor Rob Holman alongside his students and colleagues at the Coastal Imaging Laboratory (Oregon State University, USA), as well as a list of Argus users around the world. Deltares have provided WRL with technical expertise to install previous and current Argus systems in Australia, and also provide proprietary software to facilitate image capture, image transfer and image processing. Irv Elshoff from Deltares has played an integral role in the recent move to Argus III image collection systems at WRL’s TRESBP stations.

Professor Ian Turner led the installation of the first Australian-funded Argus coastal imaging station in 1999, and continues to play an active role in ongoing coastal imaging projects. Doug Anderson managed WRL’s coastal imaging program from approximately 2006 to 2009, and established many of the current system operations and knowledgebase. Numerous past and present WRL staff and students have worked on the WRL Coastal Imaging program since 1999, each having played a role in system development, maintenance, and data analysis. Without their efforts, the current coastal imaging program would not exist in Australia.

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