Coastal Imaging Equipment

An Argus coastal imaging system essentially consists of two sub-systems:

  • Remote image acquisition system (cameras and internet connected computer with image acquisition and control software)
  • Centralised operational server (hosting image archives, analysis, data archive, website, etc.)

Images collected at each of the study sites are transferred to an Argus server in Sydney where WRL coastal engineers use the collected information and sophisticated image analysis software to objectively assess and quantify coastal processes.

Layout of an Argus system

Two types of cameras are currently in use at WRL Coastal Imaging stations:

  • Point Grey Research Flea3 2Mp Digital Cameras (TRESBP stations)
  • Sony DSC50P/80P Analogue Cameras (Narrabeen-Collaroy)

Flea digital camera (front), Sony analogue camera (back)

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