Surfers Paradise – Narrowneck Reef


Between 1999 and 2008 the Water Research Laboratory assisted Gold Coast City Council with the ongoing monitoring of the northern Gold Coast Beaches.  The monitoring was undertaken to meet the requirements of the Northern Gold Coast Beach Protection Strategy (NGCBPS). Digital images of the coastline were captured every daylight hour by WRL from four cameras mounted on the roof of an apartment building, approximately 100 m above sea level. These images were then analysed at WRL, to measure changes to the northern Gold Coast coastline.

WRL have recently recommenced this monitoring project, with the new stations to be operational in early 2014. Due to technological advancements and station upgrades, six cameras now collect images half hourly.  Recent images from the station can be viewed here.


This Coastal Imaging project is funded by the City of Gold Coast and WRL acknowledges their commitment to the long term management of Gold Coast’s beaches.

Deltares assisted WRL to install the Argus coastal imaging system, and is providing proprietary software to facilitate image capture, image transfer and image rectification/merging.

The Northern Gold Coast – Narrowneck Reef Coastal Imaging station is hosted by the Focus Apartments building and WRL kindly acknowledge their support in assisting with the Coastal Imaging program.


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