TRESBP Coastal Imaging Overview

A network of 16 Argus coastal imaging cameras is used to monitor the beaches of the stretch of coast extending from North Kirra in Queensland to Duranbah in New South Wales, as well as the Tweed River entrance. Cameras are mounted at four different locations, providing a 180º view of the coast at each site.

Images from the cameras are collected every daylight hour and processed to produce the equivalent of an aerial photo of the beaches every low, mid, and high tide. The width of the beach is also mapped weekly, providing invaluable data for the evolving condition of the beaches and the impacts of severe weather events. Images and data from the coastal imaging stations has now been collected for over a decade by WRL.

TRESBP camera locations

The TRESBP coastal imaging stations are hosted by four separate buildings:

WRL kindly acknowledge the assistance of these buildings to host the Argus stations, and without their support the coastal imaging program would not be possible.

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